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Sustainable Development Promising A Beautiful Future
As the results of the arduous working and exploration of Guangdong forestry worker, forestry has become the focus and concern of the whole society, facing an unprecedented challenge of development.

Guideline: Taking the protection and improvement of bio-environment as the emphasis, Guangdong Forestry Administration will deepen the classified management reform to adjust the forestry industry structure and boost the ecological public forests plantation. By means of administrating forests according to law, developing forestry science and technology, Guangdong forestry will make more progress in the protection and management of resources as well as the contribution to the sustainable development and the socialistic modernization of Guangdong economy.

Goals: Till the year 2015, to become a province of biological forest, Guangdong is obliged to concentrate on the tasks abbreviated as "3" ,"8","4","5".

--"3" means three systems: this task is to build up a stable ecological public forests system, which is a harmonized forestry system of first, secondary and tertiary industries, also an effective socialized service system.

--"8" means the eight biological projects. The tasks include the ecological public forests in the valley of "4 main rivers of Guangdong", nature reserve, costal protective forests, farmland and forestland network, green passage, mangrove, urban forestry and treatment of soil the water erosion.

--"4" means the four main industry forests plantation: they are 667,000 ha. fast-growing and high-yielding forest; 667,000 ha. bamboo plantation; 1,000,000 ha. industry material forests; 1,000,000 ha. cash plantation of fruits, tea, medicine, etc.

--"5" means the five backbone industries of forestry: they are pulp papermaking, artificial board manufacturing, down-stream processing of rosin, furniture manufacturing and forest fruits growing and processing industry. In addition, eco-tourism will be focused as a new profitable industry.

With the above tasks, Guangdong Forestry Administration will make sure that the forest coverage of Guangdong above 58.5%, standing volume above 473,000,000 m3 and that in urban area, green coverage 40%, green land rate 30% and public green land area above 12 m2 per capita.

Here in front of us is the beautiful blue print of sustainable development of Guangdong forestry. The tough tasks will never daunt the foresters and people of Guangdong. The green industry will surely revitalize a more gorgeous and prosperous Guangdong in the future.

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