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Guangdong Province, the Green Pearl on the Tropic of Cancer
Situated in the southernmost part of Mainland China, Guangdong Province covers a total area of 178,000 km2. Most of the lands are hilly and mountainous, thus making it a province with a big forestry sector.

Guangdong Province lies in the subtropical region, with the Tropic of Cancer bisecting it and most of the lands having a subtropical monsoon climate. It abounds in light, heat and water resources. A mosaic of mountains, plains and hilly lands characterizes the geomorphology of the province. Vegetation varies from north to south. In the north, the Nanling Mountain Ranges is covered by the subtropical montane evergreen broadleaved forest; in the middle, it is the subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest, and in the south, the tropical monsoon forest.

Guangdong abounds in the fauna and flora resources: there are more than 7,055 species of vascular plant here, 4,000 species of which are woody plant (80% of the total woody plant in China), including 49 species as the national protected plants; among 600 species of wild animals inhabiting here, 35 species have been listed as the national protected animal Class (23% of the total under national priority protection), 151 species as Class Å (40% of the total under national priority protection); There are also 503 species of birds living in Guangdong, accounting for 42.5% of the total bird species in China.

Forestry land in Guangdong covers a total area of 10,831 million ha. , of which 9.33 million ha. are forested lands. Standing volume reaches 351 million m3 and the general annual growing volume 17.42 million m3. As the result of wood volume growth exceeding the general annual wood consumption of 6,750,000m3, the forest resources recycle in a good way, and the forest coverage hits 57.3% at present.

Urban "green rate" reaches 33.7%, with 7.14 m2 open green land per person. Cities including Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Huizhou and dozens of townships have been awarded national medals for their excellent performance in afforestation.

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