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Key Forest Ecological projects
In 2001 ten key environmental project of ecological importance were proposed in the Ecological Environment Construction Plan of Guangdong Province. According to this blueprint, Guangdong Forestry administration was

responsible for the six projects, including the watershed protection forest rehabilitation in the Four River Valleys, i.e. the Beijiang River Valley, the Xijiang River Valley, the Hanjiang River Valley, and the Dongjiang River Valley; the nature reserves, the coastal shelterbelt forest, the green corridors, mangrove reforestation, and agricultural forest shelterbelt network. It also took part in the soil and water conservation project and individually pioneered the urban forestry project. Thus a multilevel system of ecological public forests has been set up across the province.

According to the Biological Fire-break Forest Belt Construction Bill, Guangdong will invest 68839 RMB to build 83209 km biological fire-break forest belt, with a total area of 95000 ha. from 1999 to 2008. When it is completed, total fire-break forest belts will be as long as 114076 km.

Guangdong Province also focuses on the construction of nature reserves. It has been determined that, from 2000 to 2009, Guangdong will invest to build 123 new nature reserves, as well as to maintain and develop the 60 of the currently existing nature reserves.

Currently, there are 215 protected areas in Guangdong Province, covering an area of 1,443 million ha. (including sea areas), of which 967,000 ha. are land areas. Eight of the protected areas are national nature reserves, 37 are provincial, and 169 of them are administrated by municipal or county governments.

In addition to nature reserves, Guangdong Province has set up 14 national forest parks, 42 provincial forest parks and 204 municipal or county forest parks. The 260 forest parks cover a total area of 862,000 ha.

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